Conflict Resolution

In the event that a facility user has an issue with MSPF, the problem will first go to the Director and MSPF Personnel to be resolved.  If the user experiences any problems with the sample database or the instrument scheduling calendars, he/she should notify MSPF personnel who will then repair the database/calendar so that it can be used or, if the problem requires considerable time to fix, manually log in the sample or instrument time for the user.  If payment issues, authorship issues, service quality, or conflict of interest issues arise, the problem will first go to the Core Director to be resolved in accordance with Core Facility policies.  If the problem requires further consideration, the Core Advisory Committee will be asked to convene to discuss and solve the problem in the presence of (a) a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry representative if the problem pertains to small molecule work or (b) a representative from the Office of the Vice President for Research if the problem pertains to proteomics work.


All data generated through MSPF services will be shared with only the researchers involved in the project.  The data will not be presented without permission from the researchers.

Payment Policy

All internal payments should be made by a University FOAPAL upon completion of the work and receipt of the facility billing statement.  If the PI does not have sufficient funds to pay for the work, arrangements must be made before facility work is performed. External payments may be made with either an established blanket PO # or individual PO #.  Alternatively, external payments may be made by check upon completion of the work and receipt of the facility billing statement.

Prioritization of Work Policy

Preference is given to Notre Dame samples and then on a first-come, first-served basis.

Publication Policy

Any work performed in or by the MSPF, regardless of payment procured, must be credited to the MSPF.  If the facility provided training on instruments or short analyses, then the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility should be credited in the acknowledgement section of the publication.  If significant work by MSPF personnel contributed to a publication, such as that resulting from a collaboration on a large project, then the MSPF personnel on the project should be included in the authorship.

Appropriate acknowledgement of the funding source, such as a government grant, of an instrument used in the published research is required.

If a publication or grant arises from work performed in the MSPF, please let MSPF know by emailing Dr. Bill Boggess at

Financial Policy

If the facility user does not have sufficient funds for MSPF work, arrangements must be made in advance of analyses performed.